Devotion for Sunday, June 11

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Matt Miofsky (Happy?) begins chapter 2 with the following sentence:

“Lasting happiness comes from good relationships.”

Do you agree or disagree with this sentence?

This Sunday we will wrestle with “What is a good relationship?” What does it look like? What is required?

Did Jacob have a good relationship with his father Isaac? How about his mother Rebekah? Was his relationship with his brother Esau the path to happiness, or away?

All of us have family. Not all of us have a good relationship with our family.  Some members of our family are just simply easier to be in relationship with than others.

So, why are some members of our family easier to get along with more than others?

It’s easy to say, “Everybody is different,” but what is it about our differences that make some relationships run smoothly and others tend to be more rocky.

Perhaps more importantly, how then should we respond to rocky relationships? Move on? Or, should we attempt to restore the relationship?

In the Lord’s Prayer, a prayer frequently prayed alone, but perhaps more often with others, we pray “forgive us our sins as we forgive others.” Is forgiveness not only a clue to restoring relationship; but also a clue to what is required for a good relationship?

This Sunday we will tackle the question of forgiveness and relationships.

May the conversation commence,

Pastor Stan



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