Daily Devotion for All Saints Day

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This Sunday is All Saints Sunday.  It is the Sunday we remember the people in our lives who have passed away.  In our liturgy for Memorial Services there is the statement:


“Eternal God, you have shared with us the life of (the deceased).  Before (the decease) was ours, they were yours.  For all that (the decease) has given us to make us what we are, for that of (him/.her) which lives and grows in each of us, and for their life that in your love will never end, we give you thanks.”


This portion of the Memorial liturgy is very important to me.  It reminds me that this person who is very important in our lives, who just recently passed away, made a difference in our lives.  There is something about that person, that is in us; and makes us who we are today.


This Sunday, we will honor those people who have blessed us in a way that made a difference in our lives and are one of the ones responsible for making us who we are today.


Then we will ask the question:  are we carrying that same “baton” in our lives; ready to hand it off to the next; and making a difference in their life as those before us did in our lives?


Let us give thanks to these saints.

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